Portrait Earth

Love Story of a New World

Iliad Terra

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There comes a time in life when everything we thought we knew, the sentiments we hold dear to heart, even the very breath we take, crystalize into a frozen expression across the vast expanse of truth-stretching before us like endless ice at the edge of the world.

Portrait Earth is the story of unfolding love between two embattled souls in search of revelation, seeking to break the limits and boundaries that keep them apart from one another. It is the chronicle of deeply spiritual journeys to find self and the reflection of self in an age that which the very fabric and structures of our world are unraveling right before our eyes.

Written as a prophetic fiction, Portrait Earth is in fact a highly stylized allegorical autobiography that charts the course of a 

Hermetic pendulum swing from Karma to Dharma. Faith cuts across the zero-point and cascades the petals of destiny across Indra’s web, and a new tapestry is woven across the realm.  

As this book is being written, our world is increasingly engulfed in a broadening dark vortex of overt and covert wars and inequities the scale of which is unprecedented. This darkness is exacting an enormous toll on the sanctity of individuals and their connection to the Source and the Divine. The panacea of endless novelties has failed to requite the yearning of our souls, and the tyranny of imposed addictions has become untenable.

When empires fall, heroes rise to light the way forward as beacons of hope.

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